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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Young Man on the Subway Platform

On the Platform, NYC
Photo by myself on the subway platform at 34th Street.

My guess is that this young man was waiting for his father to return.

I've seen the two of them here together before. The sign near the cds says the musician plays the erhu, a Chinese stringed instrument.

The above scene created a small stir on the subway platform. This youngster played various tunes (pretty well), using both index fingers.


In the meantime, the New York area is bracing itself for yet another snowstorm.

At this writing there are several inches of new snow on the ground. The sky is a ghastly pale orange. Weather reports are predicting up to 12 inches of snow overnight!

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Olivier said...

belle photo de ce gar├žon , j'aime beaucoup

WTakeuchi said...

Cute little guy! So young and already a musician?

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Washington
Yes, and very composed, too. He did not seem to mind the people walking around.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Oooh I feel uncomfortable about him being there alone, I hope his father wasn't far.

So how was your commute today Kitty? Despite being given permission to either work from home or take a snow day a surprisingly number of us are in the office. The commute was much easier than I expected, hope yours is too.

Lily Hydrangea said...

This is beauttiful!
& I worry for him too, but I also think New Yorkers will help out if need be - I hope!
We are snowed in here on Long Island - going outside to shovel right after I type this!
Stay warm,
: )

Eki said...

A Yamaha erhu?

That child looks cute innocent. Is he safe there?

rb said...

Crikey, that is a lot of snow. Hope you weren't snowed in.

It's been raining here today. But the days are beginning to lengthen and I get a whiff of spring in the air.

Cesc said...

Little artist!

Kitty said...

Hi Fish!
I agree with you. The subway platforms are entirely safe with plenty of witnesses, but this still made me uneasy.

My commute was not bad! But the flesh was very reluctant to go out in the cold. ;-)

Thanks Lily!
ah, that's one of the benefits of living in an apartment building - no shoveling! lol.
I hope you're all right out in LI.

Hello Eki
I believe his father plays the erhu while accompanied by the organ. Well, that's what I'm piecing together, anyway.
It is safe on the subway platforms. There were plenty of people about and it was in the early evening.

Hi RB!
Really? A whiff of spring? I'm amazed.

Yes, thanks Cesc!

Pierre said...

He is young for having a job. IS it legal in the US?

Always a great "temoignage" of your life in NY