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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Street Music and National Night Out

New-fangled Cellist, 72nd Street
Photo by myself at West 74th Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side.

The square outside this busy subway stop has a giant abstract sculpture, gardens and plenty of seating. It's a great place to plant oneself and watch the crowds go by.

A fellow was playing an odd cello-like instrument, Tuesday. His performance was a part of National Night Out, a night for communities and police to promote the awareness of neighborhood crime.


Speaking of crime, just a few days ago, a man was bludgeoned to death on a quiet street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The street is lined with trees and brownstones.

A mob of as many as 20 people attacked a couple of young men for unknown reasons. One man died, leaving his wife who is 8-months pregnant. (Edit: The man who died had spent time in prison, but it's unclear whether this figures in the story).

Mark and I live just a few blocks away. Needless to say, everyone I know in the neighborhood is a bit freaked out.

For more about the Park Slope attack, click here.

12th Street shrine
A makeshift shrine marks the fatal spot in Park Slope.

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Olivier said...

c'est triste et c'est dur comme nouvelle...j'espère que la violence ne va pas revenir dans les rues de NYC comme dans les années 70/80...

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier

Yes NY has changed hugely from the 70's and 80's. We're lucky. Walking around, riding the subway and parking on the street is no longer an issue.

I am still shocked by this death. The fellow had a history of being incarcerated, but it is still disturbing.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I thought about you Kitty when I heard the news of that man's senseless death as I knew you lived close by and Park Slope is considered such a safe neighborhood, I am not surprised it was a big shock that something like this happened on your doorstep.

Lily Hydrangea said...

this is terrible. I hope the police find out who did this.