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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sitting Outside, on Broadway

72nd and Broadway
Photo by myself around 71st Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side.

A photo taken from the back seat of a cab.

There are fast food chain restaurants in Manhattan, like the McDonald's in the background, though not too many. You'll find burger and fried chicken chain restaurants in just about every neighborhood.

A median strip runs down the middle of Broadway, a major street that runs north-south in Manhattan. Two lanes of traffic and one bus lane run uptown and downtown on either side.

The median strip is used for plantings. Often, park benches are located at the intersections.


Temperatures on Friday were in the mid-60's. For one brief moment, in the middle of February, it felt like Spring. People were sitting outside and walking around in tee shirts.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

It was so warm outside yesterday!
& all of the snow in Long Island is almost gone! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great! I've never been in NY but it is one of my greatest wishes! Greetings from Germany ;-)

WTakeuchi said...

Nice! Spring is arriving!
In Curitiba it is raining everyday and a lot! We are almost turning into frogs!

Nori said...

heavy snowing and freezing days...spring will come soon. such people who are outside comforts our mind.

MichaleenFlynn said...

This has the look and feel of a still from Panic in Needle Park.