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Friday, February 18, 2011

Father and Son Serenade

Street music
Photo by myself on the subway platform at 34th Street, in Midtown.

A little boy played along with a musical track on an electric keyboard, while his father conducted. I posted a photo of this youngster last month, here.

A large group of young visitors watched and applauded after each piece, Thursday evening. Above, the subway platform is usually not so crowded.

I had mixed feelings about this performance. Was the little boy being exploited? He looked like he was enjoying himself, but was he really happy? Shouldn't he be running around outside with his buddies?

What was most interesting was how everyone perked up when the little boy interacted with his father. Suddenly, people started paying real attention.

Onlookers chuckled and clucked at the obvious gestures of affection, which were nice to see.

Street music
During a break between pieces, the little boy aimed at his father with a toy gun.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

I could be wrong but it seems as though this little boy is having a great time with his Dad.
& if he has to help out with putting food on the table, at least he will be well fed & be with someone he loves.
& If nothing else, they both seem to be leading an interesting life.

Anonymous said...

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Pierre said...

Hi kitty

Seems that i recognz=ized this boy when i saw your photo .Yes it was some week before on your blog.

Difficult to know where begin exploitation between kids and his father

Steffe said...

They both look happy here.