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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Windswept, in SoHo

Photo by myself at Lafayette and Spring Streets, in SoHo.

A group of women looked windswept and a little SATC-like* on a popular street corner in SoHo.

Squint a little, and the woman on the left would be Miranda. The woman on the right would be Carrie, who is underdressed as usual. They've run into an old friend of theirs after an expensive brunch.

It's been a bit more Spring-like in the last week. Miraculously, as you can see, there is no more snow.

*SATC = Sex and the City

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Upper Cesc said...

Living in a movie!

Pierre said...

Do u mean that the deseperates housewive truly exist?


Kitty said...

Thanks Cesc
I hope they realize they are so photogenic

Hi Pierre
Sex and the City is different from Desperate Housewives, which is still going on as a show and takes place in the suburbs. But I know what you mean. ;-)

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Love your blog. Brings back great memories.
No matter where I roam, NYC will always be home.

Zazzu said...

Oh, I want to give the woman on the right a coat! She must be freezing.

The woman on the left is going to get clipped by a car making a fast right turn if she doesn't move.

Great photo. :)

cotton lab coats said...

yeah i think she is, obviously she is wearing coat :)