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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fresh Flowers Outside Nello's, on Madison Avenue

Outside Nello's, on the UES
Photo by myself at 62nd and Madison, on the Upper East Side.

It was downright balmy on Monday, with high humidity and temperatures in the mid-70's (about 23C).

Above, the planted flowers are out and the doorknob polished at Nello's, an expensive restaurant on Madison Avenue, on the Upper East Side. There are few restaurants on Madison Avenue, which is populated with little boutiques and antique stores.

Nello's has mixed reviews online at best. They do not have website but New York Magazine posted the menu online.

For $40 you can get the lobster bisque soup. Or the wild mushroom risotto. Or a big bite of the roasted veal chop.

One story online shows a lunch bill at Nello's totaling over $47,000. Actually $47,221.09, to be precise, and that was over a year ago. About $36k for the bill was for alcohol.

I must say that most New Yorkers avoid such places. There are so many fine restaurants here that are reasonably priced.

For a peek at the Nello's menu, click here.
For the post about the huge lunch tab, click here.

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Olivier said...

deja belle composition ta photo et au vue de la note de 47.000 $, bonjour le pourboire (je viens de lire l'article) le gar├žon qui a servi a du se croire au paradis ;)

Pierre said...

47 K$. Woaw that must be a great lunch. Its the man i prefer on your photo. Business man and restaurant for business man.

for me it will campaign for the week

Have a nice day

WTakeuchi said...

Great picture Kitty! Congratulations!

Lily Hydrangea said...

& over $7,000 in gratuity!
Nellos does have a lovely entrance though!

RedPat said...

A wee bit pricey indeed! Lovely flowers though.

Leif Hagen said...

He looks like a men's business attire model - could be an advertisement in GQ! Nice spring snap, Kitty!
Fun to catch up on your posting tonight!

Flowers Sardinia said...

Hello all,

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Anonymous said...

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