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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gold Guy, at 59th Street

59th Street, Columbus Circle
Photo by myself on the subway platform, at 59th Street, Columbus Circle.

A fellow all decked out in gold sat with his gold belongings, Tuesday night. This performer drew interest and requests for photos.


I wish I had news to report, but it's been business as usual. Work has been going full blast and time is flying by.

The nice thing is that it feels like the economy is shifting to the better. I've noticed that people are definitely giving more money to street performers and the homeless.

New Yorkers seem to really enjoy rewarding performers who have talent and those that can bring a smile to passersby.

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Olivier said...

de quoi faire le bonheur des touristes new yorkais ;)

Cesc Sales said...

In the Ramblas of Barcelona you can see every day a heap of human statues

Ken said...

Chicago has silver guy! Hmm? Does that mean Des Moines has..Bronze guy! :)

Zazzu said...

The lady taking Gold Man's picture is almost as eye-catching as he is in her shocking-pink coat. Love it!

Stefan Jansson said...

It's probably not an easy job sitting around like that all day.

Kitty said...

Ha Olivier
Yes there is always something or someone to take a photo of here.

Hi Bitter End
I can imagine. I've definitely seen these performers in other locations. The Ramblas must be cool!

Ha Ken!

Hi Zazzu
Yes, I love her look. It's nice to see a spot of color now and again here.

Hi Steffe
So true. I can't imagine the gold paint is very good for the skin, either.

tomnicholsom9 said...

Chicago has gold guy!Yes, I love her look. It's nice to see a spot of color now and again here.
Thank you.
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