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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lady Liberty, In the Distance

Across the East River
Photo by myself in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

As we all know, Lower Manhattan looks very different now without the World Trade Center.

All of the taller buildings in the Financial District are modern. If you walk around the neighborhood, however, you will notice many small, older buildings.

To the left, the silhouettes of the Statue of Liberty and shipping cranes are in the distance. In the foreground, the new field at Brooklyn Bridge Park is perfect for soccer and ultimate frisbee.

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Olivier said...

meme de tres loin elle est belle....vive la france ;))

Beatrice B. said...

I was surprised how far the lady actually is.


Marcia said...

Is it just me or is the sky always bluer out near the Lady.

Laura Cousins said...

Looks so peaceful. You don't always associate the word 'peaceful' with New York.