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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sand, Surf and Rain, on Fifth Avenue

Outside Hollister, Fifth Avenue
Photo by myself at 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue.

It rained heavily on Thursday, so the front of the Hollister store on Fifth Avenue made a surreal sight.

The large storefront is covered with video screens, making one enormous screen. Footage of a sparkly ocean plays often, since the Hollister label hails from Southern California.

The above photo was taken from a cab. You can just see the reflection in the glass.

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za-marzeniami said...

I will soon had a chance to see it all what you write and what you show :)

Beatrice B. said...

awesome! hehehehe


Ken Mac said...

i like your people placement here...and that cool water

RedPat said...

Great capture!

dianasfaria.com said...

wow! you have an amazing eye Kitty.

Pierre said...

It's typically human to find solution to see the sun when everything is cloudy and rayny.

Have a good day Kitty

Stephanie said...

Cool Pic!

Katie said...

That's definitely not your typical NYC view. I read about this set up, pretty cool that they can pull in video of the beach, I read it’s through a Vista Spyder processor- sounds cool. What a great visualization tool to show So Cal! It's almost funny that's it is raining the day you took the shot.