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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pizza Truck, Only a Buck

Pizza Truck, Union Sq.
Photo by myself along Union Square West.

New Yorkers have a love affair with their pizza.

The pizza served by this truck must be good, since the truck is covered with graffiti. A sign on the truck says 'If you like our pizza, sign our truck'.

I'm sure the price tag (a dollar a slice) makes this pizza taste even better. To make it easy, they make only one flavor of pizza, which is made right on the truck.

To check where the truck plans to be every day, you can tune into Twitter (pizzatrucknyc) or check out their website, here.

I'm out in Los Angeles until Tuesday. Posts will continue here as usual.

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Olivier said...

ah les "Fast Food Cart" de NYC, toujours pret a n'importe quelle heure,j'adore

RedPat said...

I was thinking that that didn't look like L A. Have fun.

Banjo52 said...

What a great marketing gimmick.

Anonymous said...

A week ago when I strangely had a connecting flight through NYC la guardia en route to New Orleans, I looked out my airplane window and said, "Where's Kitty? Somewhere down there!" Maybe you were in Los Angeles anyway?
Regards from Eagan

Kitty said...

Hello Olivier!
I'm glad you got home safe and sound. I hope you had a great trip!!

Hi RedPat
True, such graffiti trucks would be out of place in sunny california. ha.

Thanks Banjo!

Hello Anon
Ha, I was probably down there, trooping away. It was very sweet of you to think of me during your travels.

Jade Graham said...

The pie was great, the truck is cool and it’s not something you see in Ontario very often Los Angeles Catering