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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Telling Tales, on 23rd Street

23rd and 3rd Ave, NYC
Photo by myself at 23rd Street and Third Avenue, in the Flatiron District.

While pulled over at a red light, I took this photo from the passenger's seat.

Two fellows were deep in discussion, Sunday morning. The young man on the left wore baggy jeans and was drinking a tall can of iced tea. His friend on the right sported a Spiderman tee shirt and multiple tattoos.

The awnings in the background are quite typical in New York. This ballistic signage becomes white noise after a while - you don't even see it, much less read it.

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Olivier said...

en effet boutique nyc typique,j'aime bien

Ken Mac said...

for sure!

Kitty, my shot today is from Charlotte nc. Where I AM Cleaning out mom's house. Today is her birthday, she passed last october. Love em while you can!

Banjo52 said...

Nice capture of body language. Almost like a sports action shot--just the right moment.

I wish I could white-noise TV commercials! I'd vote for a presidential candidate named Mute or Fast Forward.

(Hey, was "Fast Forward" Mr. Weiner's nickname?)

Hey, that wasn't bad, if you ask me. Sometimes the muse is just there, and you gotta pat yourself on the back . . .

Patsi said...

Fun blog. Nice to see the city without dealing with the traffic.

biebkriebels said...

A very nice photo of two young guys typical of this time.