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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrating Gay Pride, in the West Village

Stonewall, 2011
Photo by myself at Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue South.

Marriage for same sex couples was legalized in New York, last Friday.

New Yorkers are progressive in many respects, but the legalization was surprising to me, since the city has a mix of many different viewpoints. I have many gay friends, and it's great to know their unions can be recognized.

Above, the site of the Stonewall riot in 1969 is now synonymous with Gay and Lesbian Rights. The news comes just in time for the Gay Pride parade, which takes place today at noon.

The parade starts at 33rd Street and Lexington and goes down to Christopher Street in front of Stonewall. I was in the neighborhood Saturday by chance and the barricades were up. Rainbow flags were visible and tons of people were walking around, enjoying the weather.

There were only a few obvious signs of celebration. I'm sure when the news broke, people were running around and dancing disco in the streets, lol.

For more about the Stonewall riots, see the wiki entry, here.

Free at last
A sandwich board on Christopher Street says it all.

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Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

The same happened here in Brazil very recently.

cara said...

Always something interesting in this blog. A perfect little snapshot in time and space.