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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seen in the 'Hood, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

In the neighborhood, Brooklyn
Photo by myself at Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street, in Park Slope.

A woman selling roasted peanuts and two old timers saw me when I was trying to take a candid, Friday afternoon. Yipes!!


There are two camps in Brooklyn - the old timers who have stuck it out through the more dangerous times, and the young people and families who have moved in to be close to the city, without sacrificing space.

At times, you hear about shootings and thefts. And then there are things you don't hear about. Generally our neighborhood, Park Slope, is quite safe. Crime varies widely depending on the area. Just a few blocks can make a difference.

About ten years ago, when the real estate market heated up, apartment prices in certain Brooklyn neighborhoods skyrocketed. You routinely heard about people selling their apartment for a huge profit, after only a few years.

Generally, you can get twice the amount of space in Brooklyn for the same price as a Manhattan apartment. It's slightly slower paced out here. There are great restaurants and less stringent parking rules, so people can own cars without moving them every other day or paying for a garage.

Speaking of Brooklyn, the annual Mermaid Parade is going on in Coney Island, starting at 10 am today. People walk on the boardwalk in full costume. I doubt Mark and I will brave the crowds, but if you go, please enjoy a hot dog for us!

For more about the Mermaid parade, click here

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Pierre said...

Statistically, the majority of crimes occur on Saturday. The criminal is usually live a known person. The crime occurs most often in the kitchen. In most cases with a kitchen knife

Your photo is simple and beautiful.

Leif Hagen said...

She didn't seem so thrilled to be your CDP blog model? Apparently, she has no idea who you are, Kitty!