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Saturday, July 23, 2011

City Portraits - The High Line, Part Two

On the High Line
Photo by myself on the High Line, somewhere around 24th Street and 10th Avenue, in Chelsea.

The second section is open on the High Line, the elevated pedestrian park in Chelsea.

The park now runs from Gansevoort Street in the West Village, all the way up to West 30th Street. It makes use of an abandoned elevated railroad trestle.

The elevated views are pretty incredible. At times, you are winding around the back sides of old tenement buildings or along billboards.

On the High Line
The plantings have filled out quite a bit since this park opened. Above, the Standard Hotel.

On the High Line
A new water feature allows visitors to cool their tired feet. Water skims the surface of several rows of stone. The row where people have left their shoes are open grates for drainage.

On the High Line
At times, the walkway juts out as platforms overlooking the street.

On the High Line
The view north. There is a final undeveloped portion ahead between 30th and 34th Street that includes the rail yards.

On the High Line
The view west toward the Hudson River.

On the High Line
The view east toward Chelsea.

I definitely recommend visiting on a day that is not too sunny. The light colored concrete becomes a reflective surface in the summer, radiating all the heat up at you. It is really, really hot.

For the official High Line site, including its history and a calendar of events, click here.
For an interactive map, click here.
For a look at my first tour of the High Line, click here.

City Portraits is an ongoing, once-in-a-while installment featuring parts of New York.

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biebkriebels said...

I liked it so very much to walk there. I was there in 2009 and to walk above the streets with all the plants around was very special. When I once will com back I will do the new part as well.

RedPat said...

it looks like it is coming along really well - wonderful plantings. Love that water feature - perfect for this weather!

Steffe said...

I have been reading about the High Lane. When I saw you top photo I had a feeling it was from that walk. Most be a very interesting way to see the city.