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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pedaling around Columbus Circle

Pedicab, Columbus Circle
Photo by myself at Columbus Circle, at 59th Street and Columbus, in Midtown.

New York is becoming more people-powered, lately.

Bicycle lanes are more common and there are plans for city-sponsored bike rentals. Generally, the vibe here is that driving, except for cabs and deliveries, is not so desirable.

Our Mayor, a very pragmatic businessperson, has been making the City more and more efficient. This is a good thing, I suppose. For people who live or around the city, it's a mixed bag.

Owning a car has always been difficult in the city. You can park on the streets but you need to move your car every other day and risk damage. Those who can afford it rent spaces in a garage. Monthly costs are in the hundreds per month.

In the outer boroughs such as Brooklyn, it's a little easier. If you park on the street, you only need to move your car once a week.

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Olivier said...

en deux ans, j'avais ete surpris de voir autant de velos et de location de velos dans NYC. Le maire veut une ville ecologique, c'est une bonne idee

biebkriebels said...

Your mayor is right, more bicycles makes a city more healthy.

Beatrice B. said...

these rickshaws are driving (literally) me crazy in the big city jungle. I once hit one with my own bike on the busy Friedrichstra├če in Berlin Mitte because it just stopped in the middle of the crossroads hehehe (no one got hurt, don't worry) But a funny picture they give between all the other stressed out traffic victims in the city ;) hehehe


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

my favorite part of coming in for the week is not driving! it is just nice to not have to bother with it for a little while!! :)