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Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Taking Snaps and More on Irene

Times Square
Photo by myself in Times Square.

Yet another photo from Times Square, this one from the stash.

Though I hate crowds, I enjoy seeing the people and their expressions when encountering all the signage and displays.


Thank you for the kind thoughts while we wait for Hurricane Irene to come upon us and pass!

It's been raining heavily at this writing. Most of our Saturday morning was spent mobilizing our apartment building for hurricane prevention. We stowed about 20 garbage cans and all moveable objects so they won't blow around and take out a window. Neighbors came together to make this happen.

We're due for heavy rain tonight. Irene herself is due to touch down tomorrow afternoon morning. Subways were shut down at noon today, in anticipation of flooding and switch problems.

Mark and I were at the grocery store this morning, too. The lines were out the door with people stocking up. It was a minor madhouse.

Our neighborhood in Park Slope was not in the evacuation zone, but areas just alongside us are. The Mayor ordered residents living close to the water like those in Red Hook, Williamsburg and Lower Manhattan to leave.

Mark, Rupert and I probably won't go outside again until after the storm. Believe me, we have plenty of toilet paper and doggie wee wee pads. Of course, I'll be out there taking photos of the damage!

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Anonymous said...

Stay safe K!!! - Carlyq80

Leif Hagen said...

That gal's leopard pants are something else! Ha!

Good luck with the storm! My P-I-L's trip to Ireland was canceled thanks to Irene! Zut alors!

biebkriebels said...

It is exciting and scary at the same time. You don't know what is going to happen. I saw on the news that the NY people are rather calm and stoic which is a great attitude! All the best and stay in.

RedPat said...

Positive thoughts heading to you Kitty!

TC said...

Stay inside! Good luck to you!

Lou said...

I've been watching Fox news avidly to see what's happening in lovely to NYC. I hope that the damage is minimal and everyone is okay. Stay safe, Kitty!

Ken said...

Be Safe Kitty. Send prayers to you and those around you!