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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Posing with Miss Liberty, on Central Park South

Statue of Liberty, NYC
Photo by myself, around 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Some folks posed with the Statue of Liberty, Friday afternoon.

It seems like everyone has a gimmick, these days.


This area is always crowded with people.

59th Street, or Central Park South, and Fifth Avenue intersect at the Southeast corner of Central Park. Tons of horse-drawn carriages and pedicabs line up here for passengers.

Steps away from the park entrance is the Central Park Zoo. The lower loop of the park is short, about a mile, so it's an easy walk. A huge FAO Schwartz is located next to the 59th Street Apple store, which is open 24/7.

The Plaza Hotel has figured in history and the literature (the heroine of the Eloise books lived on the top floor). Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, one block to the east, are filled with ritzy stores.

If you're here to visit, one idea is to tour one of the art museums around East 80th Street. Walk south through the park to 59th Street. Have lunch at the Food Hall below the Plaza.

One of my projects is located at the Plaza, so I'll be visiting this area through next Fall.

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Steffe said...

Just a guess but these people could be tourists!

Marcia said...

I've also seen the SOL clones down in Battery Park - very scary.

Daniela said...

Ai que saudade do central park....

Anonymous said...

Amazing, so I will have a chance to see the one and only Kitty? How will we recognize each other?