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Friday, October 21, 2011

Outside New York Shaving Company, on Elizabeth Street

NY Shaving Co
Photo by myself around Elizabeth and Spring Streets, in Soho.

A couple of characters took a cigarette break outside the New York Shaving Company, in Soho.

I haven't gone inside this place, but I have peered in. The space has old-fashioned cabinets and details. Men can get a shave with a straight razor or simply a haircut.

Apparently there are only two chairs in this tiny place, and customers are either shaved by 'the young guy' or 'the old guy'. Ha.

For a review on the Time Out Magazine site, click here.
For the New York Shaving Company website, click here.

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Marcia said...

Fantastic photo. My eye was immediately drawn to the intricate design to the right of the door and the gold lettering on the window. Yeah, I'm a geek, but I love the unusual. Next time I come to New York I definitely have to visit SOHO.

Seitenstra├če said...

I bet Girls are not allowed...

cheers, Beatrice

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

A great shot, Kitty, a perfect New York moment captured.

Mike said...

My hair grows so fast. It is so annoying.

Ken Mac said...

huh. This looks cool.