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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Burning Bright, in Times Square

Times Sq., NYC
Photo by myself, at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue.

A photo just outside the crossroads of the world, so to speak.

What I like about this photo are the different types of light. The LED lights have a very bright white to them. The streetlight on the left has a yellow tone. The interior lights on the right are fluorescent and greenish. The uplights at the billboard on the right are very dramatic, cantilevering out into space.

This photo was taken on my new Leica dLux 5, which works well at night if there are bright light sources. The photos of the Veteran's Day Parade and NYC Marathon were taken on a Canon 40D, which is much faster at writing large raw files.

If you're going to take photos of an event, go with the fancier camera. It's a royal pain to wait a second after every photo you take, while the camera saves your shot.


A couple friends of mine used to live in the Times Square area.

Times Square is not a homey place, as you can imagine. My friends related better to Hell's Kitchen, which is just west of Eighth Avenue. Hell's Kitchen is comprised of low rise tenement buildings on the side streets. The avenues are lined with restaurants, bars and small housewares stores.

If you're ever in the Times Square area, do walk the extra block or two west to Hell's Kitchen. You can have lunch there and browse around. Don't be put off by the name, which the neighborhood adopted back in the day when it was rougher. It's a much safer there than it used to be!

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Freewheeling said...

city of blinding lights!

lewi14 said...

When I was standing at Time Square for the first time I felt beat. Such a sensory overload! Wow!

Merlinboss said...

My one and only time in NYC was last year when Times Square was closed to traffic. It was amazing. NYC is amazing. Great shot.

Wayne said...

Like moths to a flame. Nice shot Kitty.

I've been through Times Square on numerous occasions. The last time was in August. I found the crowds and garishness more off-putting than ever and will probably avoid it on future visits.

Dianne said...

I guess this is where all the action happens - we have nothing here quite as vibrant. lovely capture with your leica.

RedPat said...

I like the action of a busy place! Just a city girl I guess.

s.c said...

Great shot Kitty. Also nice to read your observations on the use of what camera on which occasion. But I love this urban street shots. Thanks for showing

Shut My Mouth said...

Agree with you about Hell's Kitchen. When we come to NYC, we always stay in an apartment rental in the vicinity of 43rd and 9th, and are are always comforted by the hominess of the neighborhood. So close to the center of it all, yet a quiet respite from it. And great places to eat!

barberoux said...

You have such a good eye. Of all the city photos of the day I enjoy yours the most.