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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Knit Art, in the East Village

Olek street art
Photo by myself on 4th Street and Second Avenue, in the East Village.

Yes, this is a shopping cart, covered in crochet.

It's also considered street art. A woman named Olek has covered various outdoor items with crochet, including the well known bronze bull sculpture near Wall Street.

Is her work art? I'm not sure. I suppose you could draw a parallel with Christo, the artist worked on a larger scale, shrouding buildings and bridges with colored fabric.

Some Olek's pieces have appeared at the Whitney Museum, and she has been featured at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. You can read more about the artist on her Wiki page, here.

For another Olek piece posted here earlier, click here

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Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Kitty, I saw a tricycle by Olek on our last visit to New York. Very cool. And actually, Christo is still extant. Sadly, though, his wife and collaborator Jeanne-Claude passed away in 2009. In New York, they were best known for The Gates in Central Park, in 2005.

Kitty said...

Hi Terry!
I have mixed feelings about this knit stuff. Maybe there is something to it though, since it calls out everyday items and makes people say 'huh?'

Thank you for the correction!