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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The View Above Park Avenue, in Midtown

Towers, lower Park Avenue
Photo by myself, around 40th Street and Park Avenue in Midtown.

From this view high above Park Avenue in Midtown, you can see the motley mix of Midtown. Pre-war and modern buildings of varying heights line the streets.

This view is looking southeast, from the 20th floor. Beyond, you can barely see the East River and Brooklyn.


New Yorkers were shaken to the core late last week by news of an awful, freak elevator accident.

We heard the ambulance sirens from my office, which is also in Midtown. Coworkers and I first assumed that the elevator plunged down. It actually lurched up, crushing a woman within the elevator shaft. Ugh.

My fiance Mark works in the same field (advertising) and knows someone who knew her well. She was a wonderful, caring person who was universally liked.

Riding elevators is a way of life in cities. According to the Times, there are 60,000 elevators in New York City.

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Seitenstra├če said...

stunning...over and over again!
xxx beatrice

Ken Mac said...

that hulking front and center is pure Mad Men...wonder which building it is?

s.c said...

Great shot. The sad story of the elevator remind me of an dutch horror movie called the elevator from 1983 where a elevator kills people and one of the methods is just described here.