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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Season, at the Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square Markets, NYC
Photo by myself in Union Square.

The holiday markets at Union Square are in full swing. From now until Christmas Eve, you can browse hundreds of outdoor kiosks for arty gifts.

There are few things resembling plastic here, and nothing is wrapped in plastic. There are no 'name brands' or electronics, from what I could tell. The vibe is 'handmade' or at least looking handmade, and therefore unique.

There is a lot of winter gear (hats, scarves, mittens), doodads (desktop sculptures, wind chimes, buddhas, candles), art and jewelry. You could easily spend an hour or two, browsing.

Union Square Markets, NYC
The usual animal hats and scarves are available, with or without pom poms.

Union Square Markets, NYC
Decorative objects and colorful ornaments make shopping tough. How does one choose?

Union Square Markets, NYC
Some kiosks offer food and hot drinks, to fortify weary shoppers.

Union Square Markets, NYC
Many shoppers were eyeing the fine art and jewelry displays.

For the holiday market site, including a link to the vendor list, click

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biebkriebels said...

This looks great, no plastics what a good idea.

Lou said...

Ooh, it's a feast for the eyes! I don't understand the fashion of those animal hats. I think they're weird but what do I know?! :)

Ken Mac said...

buddah in the center?