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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Outside a Neighborhood Deli, Downtown

Deli, NYC
Photo by myself, somewhere downtown.

Small convenience stores are universally called "deli's" in New York, regardless whether they have a deli (delicatessen) counter.

They often sell a hodgepodge of stuff, including fresh cut flowers, snacks, batteries, gum, newspapers and cigarettes. Most neighborhood delis are one-offs and don't belong to a chain. There are some Seven-Elevens, but they are rare.

In the photo above, there are a few signs labeled 'dog post'. This is not a common term. I'm assuming this means that dogs are not allowed in the store and there are hooks available to park your dog.

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Olivier said...

ces delis font le charme de NYC, et puis on trouve de tout , j'adore

Seitenstra├če said...

hahaha "dog post"... so random!

Sam said...

Nice pic..

kousuke said...

It should be a dog "port".

Anonymous said...

Bodegas is used more often