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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Crowds on Fifth Avenue and The Walking Dead

5th Avenue, Midtown
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, around 47th Street, in Midtown.

It's people, people, everywhere on Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue is a very long street, with some parts busier than others. The photo above was taken near the Diamond District, a tiny area filled with high end jewelry stores.


Mark and I are absolutely hooked on the latest series on AMC called 'The Walking Dead'. The show is in its second season.

The Walking Dead is about zombies, of course. It's set in the Atlanta, Georgia area, is extremely gripping (and a bit gorey) but very well written and produced. I didn't think I'd become as addicted to it as I am (!).

Anyway, from watching the show, you learn another case against living in a dense city. If there's any place you don't want to be if there is an epidemic of zombies, is a place with a ton of people. You'd become a zombie instantly.

Morning rush hour in Midtown is similar to zombie crowd scenes. There is a little panic, some plodding mindlessly forward, but thankfully, no cannibalism.

For the AMC website for The Walking Dead, click here.

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Olivier said...

tu n'as pas fait le No Pants Subway ? ;)

Kitty said...

Ha, Olivier! I heard about this but I didn't see any pantless people anywhere!


RedPat said...

Too crowded for me!

K10 said...

I, too, love The Walking Dead, and never expected to love a show involving zombies! I live in Atlanta, and I cannot put into words how creepy it is seeing the city I call home in some of those scenes. The performing arts center they use for the CDC is about three miles from my house...so weird. :-)

Banjo52 said...

I don't know the TV show, but your pic really shows the sardine effect. I get it about the energy of such a scene, but I think it would wear me down.

Kitty said...

Hi RedPat
I don't blame you. It's too much for me, too. But if you let yourself just get swept up in it, it's not so bad.

Hi K10
It's about time that different cities are shown as backdrops on TV. I only visited Atlanta once and it was for a brief time. My impression was that it's huge.

That must be very strange to see your city as a disaster zone. The last post-apocalyptic movie I saw set in NY was 'I am Legend' and that was very odd, too. It affects you a bit more than usual.

Hi Banjo!
You'd be surprised by how many people feel invigorated by crowds and spooked out by the countryside. Weird, right?

The city, it is not for everyone!