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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pedaling around Midtown

Messenger, NYC
Photo by myself, in Midtown.

Not sure if this fellow was a bike messenger or not, but he carried a hefty chain on his shoulder.


New York is due to have a huge infusion of bikes, soon. A bike share program is in the works and is due to be out this summer. Holy smokes!

Bikes will be located en masse in locations around the city. All you do is pick one up, ride to another station, and drop it off. The monthly rental fees will cost less than a monthly Metrocard, which is $104 right now.

My only question is...where are all the cyclists going to be? The sidewalks are not an option. The streets are already crowded and dangerous. I hope this works for the betterment of the city but like any self-respecting cynical New Yorker, I have my doubts!

For more about the bikeshare program on the NY Department of Transportation site, click here.

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Iberian M.P.H. said...

Love NY taxis - I mean that huge yellow Ford at the front. Should visit the place one day. We get only old smoking diesel Mercedes cars or maybe an occasional funky Skoda/Citroen over here. And no bikes!

Olivier said...

ah ah NYC a copie sur Paris,je trouve cela bien, quand je reviendrais je pourrais me promener en velo (mais a nyc ca monte plus qu'a Paris)

liisamarja said...

i do hope helmets are provided somewhere!

Wayne said...

From what I've seen in the other cities with Bixi Bikes, NYC is going to give some street parking over to the large bike racks used by the bike share.

It's not easy to visualize tourist cyclists navigating the bumpy roads and crazy traffic found in much of NYC.

I"m sure smarter minds than mine have it all figured out.

Anonymous said...

The cyclists negotiating NYC streets must certainly be a special breed themselves and a salute to the motorists who will try to avoid this influx of two-wheelers!?

biebkriebels said...

A good initiative, I only hope it doesn't not lead to the trouble we have in Amsterdam with parking problems and so on.

Banjo52 said...

The bike share is an interesting topic. Hope it works.

Glad you mentioned the (ominous) chain--I'd have missed it.

Thanks for getting me going on Macbeth. I should've dedicated today's post to you.