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Thursday, April 12, 2012

From the Forbidden City, in Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing Photo by myself from Tianamen Square, Beijing.

My father and I ventured to Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City, Thursday. It was a brightly sunny day and hot in the sun.

We didn't have time into the heart of the Forbidden City, which is located beyond multiple layers of gates. It was enough to walk around in the vast open spaces of the outer portions, and ogle at the gates themselves.

Forbidden City scrollwork Some of the clay tiles that is typical of the ancient architecture. Modern infill panels can be seen below, with signs about ticket prices.
  Tianamen Square, Beijing There are many guards posted in this area of the city. All bags are checked by machine in the subway.
  Rickshaw, Beijing Pedicabs ride alongside cars on the busy streets. Ride at your own risk!

Tianamen Square is the main city center, comprised of huge civic and arts buildings. To get there, we took the subway, which is safe and easy to navigate.
The subways are packed to the gills, however, so it's important to travel lightly, during non-rush hour time. And be prepared to be squished! We New Yorkers should never complain about our subways, which are spacious in comparison.

Posts will continue here while I'm on vacation. Some pre-scheduled posts will occur with photos of New York City.


Ken Mac said...

How old is the Forbidden City? Hope you and Pops have a great time. Eat well!

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Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

How wonderful, Kitty! I hope you're having an amazing time. Looking forward to more pictures!