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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Occupy Wall Street, in Union Square

Occupy Union Square, nyc Photo by myself, in Union Square.

Friday, the Occupy Wall Street protest continued peacefully in Union Square.

Above, a fellow in color dress carried a sign that read 'Money is the route of all bullsh-t'. Behind me, a few policemen stood quietly on watch for any funny business.


I was near Union Square doing errands on Friday, getting some last-minute things for my vacation.

People had left the office early, and we had flooded the sidewalks to enjoy the beautiful Spring day. There was a general hubbub of excitement for the long weekend ahead.

And I had one of those moments, where I was missing New York before I'd even left. This happens often, where I simply fall in love with the city. Sometimes I get that feeling and I'm not even leaving!

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liisamarja said...

i so get you falling in love with the city.

every time my plane lands at JFK i feel like i can breathe better, i get a jolt of energy and most importantly, i like me better when in nyc. weird, huh?

have a good trip, i know i will!

Kitty said...


You are visiting nyc at the greatest time. We've had some cold-ish nights but some of the days are just stellar Spring days. We often have little to no Springtime in the city.

I know exactly what you mean, btw. I get jolts of energy when walking around, soaking up the streets, too. There is always something to look at and something new to experience.