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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunset, from the Hotel Shangri-la, LA

Sunset from the Shangri-la, LA Photo by myself from the rooftop of the Hotel Shangri-La, in LA.

Being on the very edge of the west coast means that the ocean is the backdrop to every sunset. Very nice and peaceful.

Below are Ocean Avenue and the public beaches of Santa Monica. One can walk, bike, skate, or jog along the west coast, literally.

The rooftop of the Hotel Shangri-La is occupied by a small bar. There are comfy seating areas outside and gas-powered fire pits. The flames kick up dangerously high with each gust of the wind.

I'll be traveling out to Beijing today. Posts will continue here in the meantime.

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Wow, great view at the ocean.

cinemarion said...

Beautiful picture!