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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Atop the Canopy, at Radio City Music Hall

Radio City, nyc Photo by myself, on Sixth Avenue and 50th Street, in Midtown.

A television interview was being held on top of the Radio City canopy. Meanwhile, people walked around as usual, below.

Sixth Avenue was slightly less teeming than usual, Monday afternoon. We've been hit with much cooler weather. The blustery winds make the air feel like it's in the 40's F, or around 8 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, the lettering on the Radio City is old school. It doesn't move. It doesn't flash on and off. Every week or so, the letters have to be placed by hand to spell out upcoming shows.

This photo was taken from the back of a speeding cab.

So of course, it's business as usual, back at home. My time away went by so quickly, I feel as if I blinked, had a dream about being away, and now I'm back.

I think part of the issue was that a lot of time was spent on planes or napping at odd hours. It feels good to be back, though. I am happily reunited with this city!


Olivier said...

belle photo de rue

s.c said...

Great spot to do an interview. Saw Beyonce perform there one time. Then a lot of people where standing still and looking. Lets say only in NYC.

biebkriebels said...

I like the building.

Andy said...

You really brought out the colours in the scene.

Cesc Sales said...

Nice place for interview. Bonica foto!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Wow! you went to China???
that must have been an amazing trip.

love this photo of RCmusic hall. the colors are so pretty.

Rose from Oz is Back! said...

I love this photo Kitty, (out of the back of a speeding cab?!) wow!

Kelly said...

From the back of a speeding cab? Better than most of the photos I take standing still. : )

Loved your photos from your trip! I am envious, it looked like an amazing visit.

Frances said...

When you get to listen to good over head music, you'll enjoy every minute of it enough to get you in a good mood.