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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Peace Bike Ride, in the West Village

Peace Bike Ride sign, west village Photo by myself around West 4th and 12th Streets, in the West Village.

A bike chained up against a pole was decorated with tinsel and plastic flowers.

On the basket, a sign advertised the Peace Bike Ride that occurs on the third Sunday of every month. Its starting point is the Gandhi statue in the southwest corner of Union Square. The bike rides tour through historical peaceful sites in New York, including the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial and the Labyrinth for Contemplation, in Battery Park.

I must confess that never heard of the Peace Bike Ride before. Of course not, because the organizers are peaceful and quiet about it! It seems like a nice idea.

I was in the West Village a couple weeks ago because I committed the most basic mistake a New Yorker could make.

I was looking for the Chinese Consulate, which is located at 520 12th Avenue. Only I thought I was looking for 520 12th Street. 520 12th Avenue is in a completely different neighborhood, way north near 42nd Street. D'oh.

Very few people mention 12th Avenue, since technically, the West Side Highway is the same thing. Everyone mentions the West Side Highway, but I guess 520 West Side Highway is a bizarre address. 

Anyway, when looking for a particular place in the city, save yourself some grief. Do get the address right.


Olivier said...

une belle initiative, avec des velos decores, c'est sympa