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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

People, People, Everywhere, in the Village

Crowd, in the Village Photo by myself at West Eighth Street and Sixth Avenue, in the Village.

Real and un-real people seemed to come together as a crowd the other day, in the Village.

This well-trafficked crossing is distinctive for a convergence of streets from different directions. On the left, Greenwich Avenue veers off and is lined with little stores. The bus was running on West 8th Street. Meanwhile, Sixth Avenue is coming from behind me, on the left.

The castle-like building under scaffolding is one branch of the New York Public Library. Known as the Jefferson Market building, it used to be a womens' prison and also a courthouse.

All I can say to those people encountering this area of the city is, bring your iphone. Or a compass. Take note of the sun's position in the sky.

It is confusing. After walking around on a grid all day, when you encounter streets running diagonally... well...you might as well just give up and twirl around in circles. Ha.


Rose from Oz is Back! said...

See Kitty, this is what I love about what you do, we get the amazing people shot up close but there's always interesting things going on and in the background of your shots!

Olivier said...

en mouvement, cheveux au vent, belle photo de rue

Andy said...

You have a great knack for photographing people without their knowledge.

s.c said...

It sure is a picture with movement.Nice composition with a nice decor. You in Manhattan are spoiled by the grid system. To easy to find your way. Lucky you have some parts where it is not so easy.
Gives you the feeling how people in other cities have to find there way.

Banjo52 said...

That guy with a Cleveland Indians cap--is he living dangerously in Yankee land?