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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Rupert Update from Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park fog Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

In the mornings, the rolling green lawns of Brooklyn are sometimes misty with fog. Above, our Boston Terrier, Rupert, was playing keep-away with friends.

Before 9am daily, dogs are allowed to run around off leash for exercise and play*. After 9am on the weekends, the fields are filled with Little League baseball games, with teams of little kids dressed in uniform.

Prospect Park is large and an incredible amenity for Brooklynites. There are public grills and picnic tables for public use, ponds filled with wildlife, and enough space to be able to relax without sitting on top of each other.

Here's a recent video I shot on my iphone of Rupert playing fetch. I call him 'Pupkin' in the video because his full name is Rupert Pupkin, after a character in the movie 'King of Comedy'.

 *In case you're wondering, all owners are required to clean up after their dogs at all times. Most do.


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Rose from Oz is Back! said...

Aw Kitty - too cute. I was fair on the brink of asking about Rupert and bang there's a post!! He's looking terrific. I just love the tolerance of NYC towards dogs. Great to see Rupert is happy and well. :)

Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

Its great that Rupert has so many pals. As Rose said he is looking terrific too!

Kitty said...

Thank you Rose and Paul!
I will pass on the kind words to Rupert. He will be thrilled. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kitty! I have to share the most horrible dog related nyc story wth you. The day before me and my boyfriend came to nyc with our little yorkieschnauzer dog. We came from ct on metro north so it had to stay in its kennel. When we stepped out of grand central and freed him, he was overcome with excitement and ran.although he was on a leash, he jerked it soooo hard that the collar came off. He went scurrying away and tripped this woman off. Like she landed on one knee. When she got up we said sorry and asked if she was fine and she exclaimed in extreme disdain NO I AM NOT I AM NOT FINE. And she got a small rip on her pants and she screamed her head off at us about how expensive her suit was and that it got ruined now. And a crowd gathered and few old people accused us of being bad owners. Pretty horrible. BUT THEN that woman goes on to ask us for a 100dollars for her suits repair. Maybe it was justified but really beats me that she could buy a 500$ suit but be short of some money to getit repaired. She was so rude and we did not much momey but she took away 40 bucks from us and wanted to go through our wallet to see we did not have any more. Maybe this is common for nyc but the experience shook me up completely . I was in texas last four years for college so I suppose I am spoilt for southern hospitality. Anyway hope this never happens to you and Rupert or any other new yorker dog owners :)

Kitty said...

Hi Anon, thanks for visiting!!

Oh my goodness. I doubt this woman was trying to scam you because it happened spontaneously. But she thought she was right because your dog caused the accident?

There is always a ton of stuff going on on the sidewalks, and I'm shocked accidents don't happen more often. You were really nice to give her money. A lot of people would get into an argument and then just walk away.

We can only control our dogs so much, and this woman probably never had a dog. You try to be a responsible owner. I wouldn't say it's common for people to react that way in public in New York. But since New Yorkers are on the sidewalks every day, in crowds, we do have a different sense about boundaries. Some people are not shy at all about speaking up for themselves.

I hope you recover from this and feel good about visiting the city again very soon!! We're not all bad!! haha. And we all have our war stories from living here.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry Kitty I love the city and my little dog did too , we're going to keep coming back.

On another note though , I have a small favor to ask of you , if you ever go to times square any time soon can you do a coverage of the kwik meal cart. Its the best street food chicken on rice , falafel kind of thing I've ever had and he makes his food fresh on the spot , made to order. but that guy is losing business I think.
Do try his food , its phenomenal and since you have such good readership , hopefully the readers will make it a point to try it out and it could give him more publicity!
here is the yelp for him and I hope you really try it next time you are around


Kitty said...

Thanks anon, I will.
The thing is...there are tons of similar carts for falafel and chicken with rice, every few blocks. There are a couple near my office.

I think the Times Square guy would benefit by being closer to offices and less close to Times Square, where visitors are more prone to going to a fast food place where you can sit down, and where the food is more familiar. It's terrible. Many people are just not adventuresome when it comes to food.

Anyway, I will look for him next time I'm there. Thanks for the heads up!!