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Sunday, July 22, 2012

On Greene Street, in SoHo

Greene Street, Soho Photo by myself at Greene and Spring Streets, in SoHo.

One of the many nice things about SoHo is that some of its streets are still cobblestone.

It makes for a nice texture, though not so great in the winter or when you're wearing high heels.

When my mother visited New York long ago for the first time, she thought 'SoHo' was a name in another language.

Nope. 'SoHo' is short for 'South of Houston Street' (pronounced 'Hows-ton').

There is a 'Soho' in London, too. Wikipedia says that city was named 'in the 17th century. Most authorities believe that the name derives from a former hunting cry.'


Cheri said...

Thank you for the history lesson, it was very interesting. Great photo!

James Wei said...

Looks darker and the street scene here resembles where I live too!

Olivier said...

belle photo de nuit, d'un beau quartier de NYC (ou on trouve les meilleurs CupCake au chocolats ;))

gerry suchy said...

Great image capture Kitty. I love the way you get the Leica D-Lux5 to capture the light and contrast. Always a pleasure to see your work.

biebkriebels said...

The light is very nice and you captured it very well.

Nils said...

Belgian blocks

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Beautiful, Kitty. Totally making me miss New York.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.