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Saturday, July 28, 2012

On the Subway Shuffle, Below Ground

Subway, nyc Photo by myself, in a subway car.

A man wearing a highly decorated jacket stood in a subway car.

A photo from the stash, taken when people wore more clothing. Sometimes while sitting on the subway, there will be various body parts or backpacks or purses in front of your face. It's hard to get away from people.

Speaking of subways, there was a short video clip on the front page of the Times website the other day. On subway platforms where an express train is on one side and the local is on the other, riders have to choose between which train to board. You will see people running back and forth between trains.

Sometimes the train that pulls in first leaves first. But not always. It can be a sometimes funny sight to watch riders scamper back and forth in their flip flops.

The Times calls this 'the Subway shuffle'. New Yorkers call it 'commuting'.

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Cheri said...

Loved the video! Since I live in Oklahoma we have no idea how the subway works. Thanks for sharing!

Cityencounters said...

Oh I was guilty of doing this ALL the time! We are always trying to shave a few minutes--or even seconds sometimes--from our commute.

James Wei said...

After all the years that have passed, your blog is still going and interesting!

Rialette said...

Was on holiday in NY a few weeks back and we did that shuffle quite a few times - very confused tourists!

s.c said...

Great posting Kitty. Always nice to read an see your blog.