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Saturday, August 18, 2012

On Street Carts and Bill Cunningham New York

street food, nyc Photo by myself on Sixth Avenue around 32nd Street, in Midtown.

There are so many street carts out on the sidewalks right now, one doesn't need to find a restaurant for dinner.

I was shooting a cart vendor who was framed in light. We happened to look up at each other at the same moment, just after a woman passed by.

I had a long day on Friday. To cheer me up, Mark turned on a movie he thought I'd like. And we watched it. And I loved it.

Bill Cunningham New York is a documentary about Bill Cunningham, a street fashion photographer for the New York Times. His 'On the Street' feature is firmly established in the Style section, showing New Yorkers grouped according to fashion theme. It might be denim or slingback heels or cut-offs, whatever happens to be the fashion zeitgeist on the streets or on the runways.

Cunningham himself is a colorful character. He has almost no belongings, save his photo negatives, which are kept in dozens of file drawers. He often works for free. He wears the same blue jacket all the time. He lived in a tiny, tiny artist studio above Carnegie Hall for years.

The documentary shows him in his 60s through to his 80s (he's 82 this year!). To watch him biking around the city and spryly taking photos of passersby on the sidewalks wearing a big toothy grin is absolutely inspiring. He is obviously in love with looking at what people are wearing and taking photos.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. If you're interested in fashion and New York and photography, you will enjoy it.

To learn more about the documentary and watch it online, click here.


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James Wei said...

This is cool shot. This man does not look comfortable at all. Maybe too much work stress?

Marcia said...


I've seen Bill Cunningham New York and loved it. My Saturday morning routine is to sit with a cup of coffee and watch his video on the NYTimes website. The fact that he lived at Carnegie Hall is truly amazing, wish you could do that now.

One day I want to own the DVD of the movie along with the September Issue - I adore Grace Coddingham.

s.c said...

Great shot Kitty. I tried to load the film but only for us citizens on iTunes. Still will try again on other ways to show this to biebkriebels. Thanks for the info.

Kitty said...

Thanks James!
I think he might not have enjoyed being photographed at first? But split second later, we looked at each other and he gave me a smile.

Hi Marcia dear!
I'm so glad you've seen the movie! I think it's awesome he does videos with his narration, because his voice and opinions are so, so special. It's like getting a very personal view of what someone thinks.

Oh I love Grace, too. She is also a very inspiring artist!

I do hope you can see the movie sometime? It was released in 2010, so many there is a rental place in Amsterdam that has it? I hope so!!

A said...

Love the photo. And I think it's ok that he's not smiling, it works.

'Tsuki said...

Great share on the Big Apple ambiance !!!

Wayne said...

It's a wonderful movie. I once caught Bill in a fleeting moment as he cycled along Summer Streets last year. I wish I'd been looking in the right direction as he came along.


Banjo52 said...

You've got me interested in the movie. No promises, but I'll try to look into it.

MaggieGem said...

Food carts... one of the many things I miss about working in the city! A couple of weeks back I even shot one... http://4thislife.blogspot.com/2012/08/morning-concert.html