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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After Hurricane Sandy, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Hurricane Sandy, Prospect Park
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

A large tree lost one of its major limbs as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Most likely, this tree will need to be put out of its misery. The Parks Department was out first thing in the morning, making sure that tree branches wouldn't injure anyone.

Park Slope, Brooklyn, is breathing a sigh of relief. We were extremely lucky in this devastating storm. We are located very close to Manhattan, but somehow managed to come out without losing power and without any flooding. The aftermath only looks like the result of a bad storm.

Mark, Rupert and I took a very short trip to Prospect Park this morning, since Rupert was going stir crazy. Just a handful of owners and dogs were there, while the chilly wind whipped through the trees.

Like many others, Mark and I are tuned into the news on TV. Seeing familiar places and tunnels underwater is shocking. The power is out in Manhattan south of 39th Street, which means our offices are closed.

I'm not sure how we'd even get to work anyway, since it will take days before the subways are restored. The enormity of the situation is such that it's difficult for our little brains to grasp what it all means.

Our building is fine; one elevator conked out, but windows are intact. 90% of Long Island, just a stone's throw away, does not have electricity (!). Friends living in Manhattan are without power and heat. They say that all they can hear outside is the constant sound of sirens.

Our thoughts are with the rest of New York City. It was a huge comfort to hear Mayor Bloomberg give his status report on television, this morning.

I don't agree with all Bloomberg's ideas but I do feel he is enormously practical. It is good to know that we are in capable hands.

Hurricane Sandy, Prospect Park
Along the west side of Prospect Park, folks were already coming and going this morning.

Hurricane Sandy, Prospect Park
A typical street in Park Slope, this morning. It was a miracle to come out of the hurricane virtually unscathed.

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Fred said...

All my thoughts go to the Newyorkers.. I've been following you for years, it was natural for me to come here to get some news...
Bon courage!

Brianna Asaro Photography said...

Glad you're safe. We also got pretty slammed here in CT.... stay dry and good luck with NYC repairs!

Cheri said...

Happy all is well with you!

Olivier said...

content d'avoir de bonnes nouvelles de vous trois. Vu a la television, la vision de manhattan apres l'ouragan est vraiment tres impressionnante. J'espere qu'il n'y a pas eut de mort

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Glad you are ok!

Janet said...

It's a miracle that more of those trees didn't lose limbs! Glad you are okay and praying for NYC!

Lily Hydrangea said...

It was pretty scary! glad you are all ok.
I am one of the lucky ones on LI with power & internet.
yesterday it was wind & sirens, today it is the buzz of chainsaws, generators & sirens. thankfully there is no more wind!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Kitty, Mark and Rupert, so awfully pleased you are OK. It's sad day for NYC, huge damage and tragic loss of life.
Prayers are will everyone affected.

gerry suchy said...

So very glad to hear that the three of you are unscathed when so many just a short distance away are so devastated. Take care of yourselves in the days ahead.

Gerry in DC

K10 said...

Pleased to hear that you guys are safe and sound. Have been very worried, as I feel like you are a friend. :-) As a lover of that wonderful part of the country, my heart goes out to everyone up there, and I wish there was something I can do (other than write a check or give blood). The devastation is unimaginable. You're all in our thoughts and prayers down here in Atlanta!