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Friday, October 12, 2012

Carriage Driver, on Central Park South

Carriage driver, nyc
Photo by myself at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

One of the horse-drawn carriage drivers stood in my sights, Wednesday afternoon.

If you squint a little, this scene might have taken place a hundred years ago. Central Park is to the right, out of frame.

The New York Food and Wine Festival is taking place this weekend. Tons of talks and tastings are going on around the city.

There are special brunches, tasting menus and wine pairings. There are dinners where you eat the food, then meet the farmer that grew the food.

There are samplings of sandwiches and dumplings and pickles and beer. The Festival is a 4-day event, through October 14th.

For more information, see the Festival website, here.

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s.c said...

You start squinting by making this B&W . Thats already a way back in time. But its okay . Indeed a shot from the past.

Kitty said...

ha, good point, SC!
Happy Friday, friend!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Ooh...this is lovely Kitty!
I've missed your posts & your photography.
but I'm back - at least for now.