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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bright Stalls at the Union Square Holiday Market

Union Square holiday market
Photo by myself in Union Square.

The holiday market in Union Square was in full swing, Friday night.

Brightly lit stalls are selling jewelry, lamps, hats, scarves, art and everything else you could think of. People were browsing around and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

It was a chilly night, but loads of people were out, enjoying the end of the work week. The market has been a recurring fixture for the last 18 years! They will be open every night til 8pm through Dec. 24th.

For a little bit more about the market, see their website here.

Union Square holiday market
One of many stalls selling ethnic art.

Apologies once again for the sporadic posts. It has been soooo crazy busy at work, with every client and contractor demanding everything now, now, now.

These days, people are under the impression that architects just press a button and things are done. Not so! And in the world of real estate every day means a lot of money. So the anxiety level is very high.

I am incredibly excited to soon be working on an apartment on Fifth Avenue, near the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art, at 86th Street). We just finished up an apartment at 83rd and Madison, nearby. Stay tuned for more photos from that neighborhood (!).

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s.c said...

Yes now it is time to catch the light in the dark. Again nice pictures Kitty.

RedPat said...

Such lush colours!

Anonymous said...

I've been there. Love NYC this time of year.