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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jingling and Jogging, in Prospect Park

Jingle Bell Jog, 2012
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Thousands of runners ran the loop around Prospect Park, this morning, dressed in costume. Nearly 6,000 runners finished the race.

The 'Jingle Bell Jog' is a 6K run held every year by the New York Road Runners club. I happened to be in the park this morning with Rupert and had no idea the run was held today. But when I heard the distinctive jingling and loud whoops of joy, I knew we were in for a treat.

Rupert and I stood to the side while hundreds of runners dashed by us dressed in reindeer antlers, red noses, santa hats and santa tutus. Runners were given t-shirts and bells for the race.

There was even a guy wearing nothing but a santa hat and a red speedo! Eek! Fortunately for him, it wasn't too cold.

Jingle Bell Jog, 2012
What seemed to be an endless stream of runners went by, as we waited on the curb to cross.

Jingle Bell jog, 2012
Above, one runner wore the tshirt for the run, along with his antlers.

Jingle Bell jog, 2012
The least dressed runner of the morning, to the right, in a hat and red speedo.

For more about the Jingle Bell Jog on the New York Road Runner's website, click here.

Apologies for the sporadic posts once again. It's been crazy, crazy busy at work!

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RedPat said...

Such fun! It was warm here this am and for the sake of the guy in the speedo I hope it was there too!

Ice Queen said...

Happy Holidays Kitty,

In Detroit we have the Turkey Trot/Drumstick Dash/Mashed Potato Mile for Thanksgiving and the Jingle Bell Run for Christmas. I love these better than the "profesional" ones, the runners seem to be in a better mood and run on something other than adrenalin. Great photos.


biebkriebels said...

It looks rather cold, but there are always those crazy people who want to stand out.

Virginia said...

Great action shots Kitty!

Paul B said...

Its great when you just happen on something like this event. Here in Leeds we have a charity santa dash this very Sunday.
Kitty I know too well what you mean when its a struggle to post, we all understand.