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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wrapped Around the Bulgari Store, on Fifth Avenue

Bulgari, nyc
Photo by myself around 56th Street and FIfth Avenue.

A giant two-headed snake encrusted with LED lights wound around the corner of the Bulgari store on Fifth Avenue.

The lights in the eyes of the snakes flicker on and off. The lights are very, very bright.

I'd see this thing whenever I passed by in a cab, so I went over Monday night to take a photo up close.

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Olivier said...

tres belle decoration de Noel

Andy said...

Not my favourite creature but they do look neat in lights.

biebkriebels said...

You can't miss this, I bought a simular fake bracelet last summer on the fleemarket in Cannes France.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, by far one of my favorite stores!

RedPat said...


Happy Tom said...

Very Fabulous! Diamonds and Sapphires!