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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf, nyc
Photo by myself outside Bergdorf Goodman, at 58th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The windows at Bergdorf Goodman have to be the most sumptious of all store windows during the holidays. Above, a woman is surrounded by white peacocks, their feathers and a pair of ornate chandeliers.

I'm sure the larger windows costs tens of thousands of dollars each for their designs. I try to see these displays every year, which are always elaborate and fanciful. They're less dependent on gizmos and are more like intricate set designs.

It was a little chilly the other night, but that didn't stop onlookers from oohing and aahing in front of each window, which were rimmed with large decorated frames.

Bergdorf, nyc
In one window, a woman is shown with dozens of little white dogs performing tricks.

Bergdorf, nyc
One stunning window showed an aerial view of a musical party in progress.

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Olivier said...

superbe vitrines de noel,j'avais aime me promener dans NYC a cette epoque

s.c said...

Yes now it is time to look at the shop windows. Especially in your town. The decorators are really artists in their own way. Thanks for showing us.

biebkriebels said...

They are beautiful, I like the frames to it too.

This is Belgium said...

would love to be in new york this time of the year
but looking at your blog is second best
greetings from brussels

RedPat said...


Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

That bird's eye view of the party is just stunning, Kitty. Thanks for sharing these!

David Minor said...

Caught the Lord & Taylor windows on a visit last weekend as well.

Great job all around.

Lily Hydrangea said...

So beautiful! I love the way you photographed the first one with the silhouettes of the onlookers.

Gunn said...

Great artistic looking windows!