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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dressed for the Holidays, in Prospect Park Brooklyn

French bulldog, Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

I met this little french bulldog in Prospect Park, the other day. She was dressed for the holiday season, and looked as if she were reflecting on holidays past. There was a very thin dusting of snow on the ground.

Mark and I spent most of the week in Brooklyn, far away from the crowds that have swarmed into Manhattan. We had a very relaxing time off work.

It's suddenly very cold, here, which shouldn't be much of a surprise since it is January. We had virtually no snow in 2012, just the very light dusting here and there.

French bulldog, upside down
Oh yes, I feel the same way. Must we go back to the grind??!

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Olivier said...

Il est tout mignon comme ca ;))
Une bonne et heureuse annee 2013

Lily Hydrangea said...

OMG! ! !
this little one is quite the character! & you've captured him perfectly.

Kitty said...

ha, thanks Olivier and Lily!!!

Ertu─č Dinseven said...

i thought it's always bulldog, never heard of french connection. :) cool blog.

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha ha. That is a very cool dog.