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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Bit of Nature in New York

Photo by myself, somewhere in the East Village.

Here's a palate cleanser, a little nature in the city.

Our dog Rupert encountered a little stylish dog in the East Village a while ago.

You know the type - a chip on the shoulder, a certain bounce in his walk. He probably knows everything about celebrity gossip and has several tattoos. ;-)

The East Village is still a little rough around the edges. Their fashion sense follows suit.


Little bird
Meanwhile, Saturday morning, we were in Prospect Park. Dogs are allowed to run around off leash before 9 am.

Out of nowhere, a little bird flew up to another dog owner and perched on his shoulder. The little bird started hopping around on the man's arms. It was bizarre, and several people noticed.

The man took out a dog biscuit and started feeding the bird. I talked to him briefly and he was just as astounded but remained calm, so not to startle the bird.

I saw something about birds on tv a while ago, where a similar thing happened with a goose. Out of nowhere, the goose decided to attach himself to a man, and a relationship ensued.

Birds tend to make long attachments, so I have to wonder whether the little bird and man are still together?

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Ken Mac said...

A few weeks ago, when the big storm was supposed to hit, I was standing on Broadway and 100th. Waiting for the hurricane to roll in. It started to rain and a pigeon flew up and stationed himself next to me for a good half hour. I talked to him, he didn't move, he only inched closer. it was weird, He didn't look sick. Maybe something is happening with the birds? Are they trying to tell us something?

biebkriebels said...

That is very cute and an astonishing story. Also the comment of Ken Mac is amazing.

Leif Hagen said...

Did Rupert make a new playmate?

Beatrice B. said...

what's in the puppy's little box???


Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

Ken that's pretty incredible. A half hour? I'm glad he wasn't sick.

I've seen sick birds before and they just stand there, unafraid of people because they don't feel well. He probably knew something big was going down!

Thanks Bieb!

Hi Leif!
These two just had a brief sniff and moved on, ha. It was a cute moment.

Hi Beatrice
We all have to clean up after our dogs on the sidewalk, so his little box probably contained doggy poop bags. Nothing too glamorous.

Marcia said...

A few years ago a bird built a nest in my garage and when the eggs hatched and the fledglings were learning to fly they would fly from rafter to rafter while I was in there to show me how they were learning. We used to have a cat that loved to mother and take care of everything alive, one summer she adopted a nest of birds. The mom had built a nest in the garage again, but the babies fell out and behind a ladder lying across the bottom of one of the walls. The babies were fine, but Fluffy, my cat refused to leave them until the mother bird came back and if you came anywhere near the ladder Fluffy would growl at you. The babies survived and Fluffy was sorry to lose her job as bird Nanny.

Kitty said...

Marcia, that's a sweet story.
Incredible that your cat's motherly instincts were stronger than her predatory ones!

I do believe that is the first real 'Fluffy' I've heard of, too, ha.