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Friday, January 4, 2013

The View Down 32nd Street, Midtown

NYPD Traffic
Photo by myself at 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue, in Midtown.

A traffic cop helped to direct traffic on Seventh Avenue.

This is a very busy part of town, just a block away from Macy's. Ahead, a copper-clad bridge connects two buildings, high above the street.

You see some of these pedestrian bridges on the west side, for whatever reason, usually connecting warehouses together.

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Olivier said...

Macy's et la folie des soldes ;))

dndInfotainment p said...

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s.c said...

Yes you see those bridges more and more. Then the city decor from Fritz Lang movie Metropolis become true. I am still missing the flying cars.

Stefan Jansson said...

Can't be a very healthy job doing that all day.

Ice Queen said...

We have a few of these in Detroit mostly from parking structures to buildings. However my favorite is the underground walkway between the courthouse and county buildings in Mt Clemens, it is really great during inclement weather and really quick.