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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outside a Deli, in Brooklyn

Deli, Fifth Ave nyc
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A fellow wearing a Yankees cap stood outside a deli in Brooklyn.

This photo was taken from the car from the passenger's seat, while stopped at a red light. I had Mark roll down his window.

I thought I was being stealthy but now I think the guy could see me. So much for my career as an undercover agent!

Apologies for the on-again, and very off-again posting. Life has been busy but not crazy, thank goodness. Things have been really good. Clients are strangely happy, which is an odd and welcomed thing. Ha.

Falling into a little slump with taking photos is to be expected, I suppose. Taking photos means finding something special in the everyday. After a while when experiencing the same 'everyday' (the same commute to work, the same project location), it is a challenge to find those special moments.

Anyway, that is the challenge, and though this post sounds like a complaint, it isn't! I am glad for it. With every challenge, one must dig deeper and get on with it. Bear with me!

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s.c said...

Great storefront you can only find in your city. One time capsule delivered again. Thanks Kitty for showing us.