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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weiner Bar, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Weiner bar, Brooklyn
Photo by myself, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Der Kommissar is a small weiner-themed bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They have a great array of beers and nine different sausages to choose from, including a vegetarian option.

The sausages are delicious. Mark and I visited twice last week. They make some of the sausages themselves from scratch, including one called a 'Pak wurst' that has a curry-influenced filling.

We are in love with this place, which has outdoor seating in the back and a pick-up window in the front for the late-night wurst cravings I see in my future.

Above the chalkboard menu are snippets from local papers about Anthony Weiner, the unfortunately-named politician running for mayor who is renown for his sexting scandals. Recently, he admitted to sexting pictures of himself a year ago, after he had vowed to stop.

I think most New Yorkers smacked their foreheads and groaned when they heard about the last sexting revelation. It was all over the news, and brought down what was once a promising political career. Here is the Wiki entry, if you're interested.

For the Der Kommissar site, including their delicious menu, click here.

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Rose ~ from Oz said...

I always enjoy your narratives with your brilliant images Kitty, and I've just been enjoying myself and catching up on all of your latest posts!
Keep smiling
Rose :)

biebkriebels said...

I don't think Mr. Weiner is suitable for a Mayor of New York, he certainly has a problem. He has to fight his demons first.

RedPat said...

Anthony Weiner has been all over our papers too! That weiner bar looks great!