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Monday, April 2, 2012

On the Price of a Slice, Downtown

Outside 2 Brothers Photo by myself, at 17th and 7th Avenue in Chelsea.

We New Yorkers loves us some pizza.

Some of us are pizza snobs, myself included. I have to admit, after eating pizza in other places and countries, the pizza here is pretty darned good. Even the lowliest, no-name pizza stand will have really good, thin crust pizza served to you within minutes.

The above chap was spotted outside 2 Bros. (Brothers) Pizza, which is a chain here at 11 locations strong, at this writing. I've never eaten here, but like the sign says, slices cost $1 each.

Just this weekend, Times published an article about the pizza prices here in the city. Slices have been seen going for less than a dollar each. In the era of $3 cups of coffee, this is unbelievable.

Pizza places are finding themselves next door to each other, and a bidding war has begun for customers. One 2 Bros. location slashed its slice price to 75 cents, and is threatening to go to 50 cents (!).

For the Times article on pizza prices, of all things, click here.


Olivier said...

il y a de tres bonnes pizzerias dans NYC, j'avoue que je craque souvent ;)

K10 said...

My favorite is Claudio's Pizza, on 43rd and 10th - if I'm staying at my usual haunt when I visit, I head there as soon as I've dropped off my luggage! For a more upscale pizza, I love Keste down on Bleeker. Yum, craving it now. Just can't get that here in Atlanta. :-(

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty. Lombardis was amazing for us! Really delicious!

Kitty said...

haha. Olivier
I try to avoid the stuff. It is an easy and cheap lunch though. I can see why you'd break down and eat it!

Hi K10
I'll have to check those places out. Hm, I used to frequent Hell's Kitchen, and Claudios sounds new to me. Thanks for the tip.
Sorry the pizza choices aren't so good in Atlanta. Just another reason to visit so often! ;-)

Hi Washington!
So glad you had a good meal there!
Lombardis is by far my favorite pizza place in the city. :-)