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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Morning Commute and a Rupert Update

N Train, nyc
Photo by myself, on the N Train.

Here we are in the midst of Fall, all bundled in light jackets and jeans. People were immersed in their apps and knitting and books, on the way into work.

Apologies for the spotty attendance. It's been very busy!

Meanwhile, here are a couple shots from a playdate Rupert had with a neighboring girl dog named Roxy. There were a lot of sidelong looks and waggling tongues. Rupert has been doing great. He is enjoying his favorite things - playing ball, taking long walks and snacking on chicken treats.

Rupert and Roxy
Roxy, in the red halter, gives Rupert a look.

Rupert and Roxy
Another look, haha.

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s.c said...

Roxy for sure hadn't seen such a good looking boy. Her eyes are nearly falling out by admiration.

biebkriebels said...

That Roxy doesn't look so pretty as your Rupert. He seems quite at ease with the silly performance of his neighbour girl!

Yvaine Lamia said...

what a great I will be prepared now when I finally make my first trip to NYC!

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kousuke said...

Hello, Kitty. I saw another Kitty in a station(^o^)

Ken Mac said...

A tidy commuter ride. I bet this didn't begin at West 4th.

kwarkito said...

I love your pictures, they're great.... they make me want to go back yo NYC