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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Film Crew, on West 3rd Street

Film Crew, in the Village
Photo by myself on West 3rd and MacDougal Streets, in the Village.

There must be a lot of movies shooting in New York these days; Monday evening, I saw two different film crews in completely different neighborhoods.

Shooting film or tv involves a lot of down time, where they're trying to get the shot right, before 'action' is called. These guys were standing around the crane thing carrying the camera, while they were blocking the shot across the street. One of the guys gave me a peace symbol.

For a lot of reasons, there were zero cars around. First, pedestrians and cyclists have seemed to take over the area. Second, it is pretty impossible to find parking in this neighborhood, so why even try driving? So people were moving huge pieces of equipment around without any thought to danger.

Film crew, in the Village
Across the street, a huge diffuser aimed light at a crew member. He is standing on the 'mark', where eventually an actor would stand.

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s.c said...

Well never a dull moment on the streets unless it is planned in a movie or two.

biebkriebels said...

I have seen such sceneries too while we were in NY. Very interesting to see, but we were send away and no pictures allowed.I always wondered afterwards which movie they were making.

RedPat said...

There are a lot of film crews here too and sometimes they came be quite nasty when all you are trying to do is get home and they are in the way. Most of the crews are nice though.