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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fake New York Marathon, at Columbus Circle

Fake NYC Marathon, Columbus Circle Photo by myself in Columbus Circle, at 59th Street and Central Park West.

A podium and many signs were put up the other day for the New York City Marathon, in Columbus Circle.

The New York Marathon is normally run in the beginning of November (!) There were bright lights and cameras set up. This must have been the stage set for a movie or commercial. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to ask any of the crew.

While I wouldn't say it's an every day occurrence to see film crews in the city, it is certainly not rare. Usually, large white trucks are parked within a few blocks for the cast's changing rooms, and there are tables out with food. Production assistants mill about, making sure the sidewalks are clear.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Correction: Reader John, below, commented that this was a ceremony for runners chosen by lottery to run in this year's marathon. Every year, many, many more runners sign up than there is space for.

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Marcia said...

As a new cheerleader chick for Metro Detroit/Michigan I have to say that several of the film at the Tribeca Film Festival were shot in and around locations here. It's really great when you can recognize places in and around your area in a movie.

Several years ago George Clooney(he loves us) did a movie here in the area which was filmed down my cousin's street and they used her neighborhood to represent New Orleans two summers ago. It's great to see places you recognize in a movie.

Several weeks ago there was a movie on TCM, shot many years ago, which showed Columbus Circle B4 the Time Warner Center went up, very strange but interesting. But I think the best was Miracle on 34th Street shot at the real Macy's after hours.

Kitty said...

Hi Marcia!
I always see the signs for the film festival, but have never gone. That's cool.

I agree, a film becomes more real when you are familiar with the surroundings. I guess that's why nyc is used often because it's a known cultural reference, and it's about time that more cities are represented.

I remember Columbus Circle before the Time Warner Center. It was a shabbier place back then. Haven't seen Miracle on 34th!

Ruth Hope said...

When mu hometown (Edinburgh) is on telly I anxiously search for landmarks I recognise. A landscape once so familiar is sometimes irritatingly beyond my grasp.

John said...

If this was from Tuesday or Wednesday it wasn't a movie or anything, it was the New York RoadRunner's Marathon Kick-off. Basically it was kicking off the announcements of who got in via the lottery along with introducing some of the A-listers that have signed up to run. They had a crowd of people who had signed up to be part of a raffle and possibly have their name drawn live and so on.

Kitty said...

Thanks, John, for the helpful clarification!

There were a bunch of what looked like production trucks nearby. Maybe that was for TV crews?